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Drifting activities

Our team offers adrenaline rides with our pilots!

SideToSide Drift Taxi

Adrenaline flicker sitting next to the best racers! #SideToSideDriftTaxi

Drifting with SIDE to SIDE Drift Team, this is a gift for extreme driving and speed lovers who want even more sophisticated sensations. Fill your free time with adrenaline!

During the service, you will sit next to a professional drifter, which will reveal all of the powerful Nissan S13 with an impressive Toyota engine. The car meets the safety requirements, and you will be given a helmet and will be sewn with special safety belts.
While slipping sideways for a few minutes, it will be enough to feel the speed, loads, power, and when you get out of the car you will be full of excitement and adrenaline! Get to the extreme car driving and side-slip adventure.

Give your invaluable experience and skills to yourself and your friends !!!

Try it yourself

Test the 300-horsepower Nissan S13 drift bolide by yourself. #DriftinkPats

You’ll drive a Nissan S13 drift car that even has it
300 hp engine and rear wheel drive.
The professional SIDE to SIDE Drift Team instructor will take a briefing on the technique of drifting and provide tips on how to properly slip sideways.
After the first ride the instructor will tell the mistakes and advise
how to handle the course correctly. Then two are waiting
The track configuration is simple – one circle
shape and eighth form trajectories that will be needed
combine one ride. You will have three runs out of the whole.

Give your invaluable experience and skills to yourself and your friends !!!

Drift academy

Want to learn to drift but do not know where to start? We will help you!

The SIDE to SIDE Drift Team, a well-known team of professional drifters, has won numerous awards in various competitions offering you to master the Drift Car! Drifting is the fastest growing car sport in the world. The SIDE to SIDE Drift Team provides an excellent opportunity to test your strength, learn how to steer a slippery car and “drift” with a tailor-made, tip-driven armored Nissan S13 with a 4.0-liter BMW engine. The training will be conducted by a professional “drifting” pilot who will not only tell you about the peculiarities of this sport, but will also teach you the “drift” delicacies. Go on the track!

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Side To Side drift team

Strong and always ready for challenges!

Marius Klimas

Vairuotojas | Nissan S13

Arnas Kazokevičius

Vairuotojas | Nissan S14

Ernestas Vaišvilas

Vairuotojas | Nissan S13

Andrius Burkša

Instructor | Driftink Pats

Ramūnas Petkevičius

Vairuotojas | Nissan S13

Darius Jurčiukonis

Komandos Vadovas

Gediminas Levickas

Vairuotojas | Nissan S13

Deividas Kilbovskis

Vairuotojas | Nissan S13

Edgaras Kilbovskis

Vairuotojas | Nissan S13

Mindaugas Maslauskas

Vairuotojas | Nissan S13